Archetype Quest – 5 Coaching

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A Contents
In the video I will tell you more about the metaphor of the Coach, the four Elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air) and how you can use your workbook to document your results. As an Archetype Quest Coach you will later do the same with your own clients.

B Tuning in to your inner guidance
In this meditation I help you to tune in to your own inner guidance, so you will be able to assist the client in finding his or her own way.

C How to be a good coach
In the next two videos I explain what is needed to be a good coach. A good coach asks questions and sometimes makes suggestions. But the coach will never impose his vision upon his client. A coach needs to have a loving attitude. In the second video I explain five aspects to give room to the client.

D Points of interest when guiding a client
In the next two videos I will explain more aspects of the coaching process. First you need to know a bit more about your client. The Intake-Form (pdf) helps you to get some background information. I explain how to work with clients who usually say nothing and/or with clients who ‘do not see anything’ during a meditation/visualization.

E How to ask questions to your client
Asking the right questions in the right way is fundamental for the whole coaching process. In the next video I will explain how you can ask questions to your clients. It’s all about asking ‘open’ questions to let the information flow.

F Ready to go to the next game board
In this last part of this module we check under what conditions we can leave the Nautilus Game Board and switch to the second and last one – the Pyramid. It is important that there is a certain balance in the Kingdom, that the King (client) has met (almost) all his archetypes and that he is ready to move on.