Archetype Quest – 6 Pyramid

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A Contents
Welcome to the 6th Module of the Archetype Quest Training! In this Module I will explain all about the use of the Pyramid and how to formulate your Mission. I will also tell you how to work with clients on this and what I expect from you in the next three weeks.

BC Workings, structure & levels of the Pyramid
In this video I will explain the working, structure and levels of the Pyramid. This is an important step, as all archetypes now come together in one overall picture. This is your inner dream-team!

D Archetypes on the pyramid
When you put your 10 Archetypes on the Pyramid, it is important to see if this is the way they should cooperate. Has each archetype the right position, according to the functions and the levels of the Pyramid? Is your Mission on top? You still have time to rearrange things.

E How to formulate your Mission
After creating your Dream-Team on the Pyramid, it is time to formulate your Mission. In the next video I will explain how you can do that. What is important to think of? Next, I invite you to write down two practical steps for the near future, to come closer to the fulfillment of your Mission. After all, a Mission isn’t just a few words….

F Make a video about your Mission
Now that you have formulated your Mission, I invite you to make a video of that moment and send it to me before the 6th of June. In the video you should also include the two practical steps for the near future.

G Working with a client: Pyramid & Mission
Working with a client on the Pyramid and on formulating the Mission, you follow the same steps as we have taken earlier in this Module. But as a coach you have to keep certain things in mind, as these are very important and delicate moments for clients.

H Ending session with a young client
When you do an Archetype Quest session with a young client, the situation is different, as you have to pay attention to the role of the parents. They will be present at the evaluation at the end of the session and the procedure is a bit different from the evaluation of a session with an adult client.