Archetype Quest – 4 Theme & Growth

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A Contents
In this Module we will discuss the Theme&Growth Card of the Game. The themes about the issues in your life, the growth about the possibilities for personal development. We look at the Archetypes to find which of them can help you with these issues, and you may add four more Archetypes to your inner dream-team.

B Meditation Forgiveness
In the video I explain the importance of Forgiveness. After that there is a meditation to help you forgive another person, but most of all yourself. It is an internal process that can bring you great relief. And it is a meditation that you can do with your clients.

C Theme & Growth and you
In this part of the module I will introduce to you the Theme&Growth Card that is part of the Archetype Quest Game Box. First I’ll explain how you can work with the Growth themes; after that I will tell you all about the issues of the Theme Card. In this part you will also look at some new archetypes that can help you with these issues. You can choose four more, so the total will be ten archetypes.

D Theme & Growth and your clients
Next, I will explain how you can work with your clients with the Growth&Theme Card. This is an important part of the training and the coaching-process, as the client often connects with issues of his childhood.

E Meet your new Archetypes
Now it is time to meet your new archetypes! We do that like we did earlier in this training, with a meditation to connect with your inner world and your subconscious. In the document below you can make a list of all your archetypes that make up your dream-team. Attention: in the video we sometimes mention module three, which should, of course, be module four.

F Make a Pie Chart with 10 Archetypes
Now that we have a dream-team of 10 Archetypes, we can make a new Pie Chart to indicate the influence of each archetype. Put a dot in the middle and make ten pieces for all archetypes, using the whole pie.