Archetype Quest – 3 Nautilus

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A Contents
Welcome to the third module of this training! In this module I will explain about the workings and the use of the Nautilus Board, the first board of the Archetype Quest Game. Even more exciting is, that you will meet your own Archetypes, during a guided meditation. I will tell you about the Metaphor of the (horse-drawn) Coach and in the end you will make a Pie Chart about the influence of your six Archetypes.

B Using the Nautilus Board
The Nautilus is the first of the two Game Boards of Archetype Quest. In the videos I explain the working of the board and how you can use it with clients. In the exercise you put the selected six archetypes of your Kingdom on the board.

C Meet your Archetypes
In this video I explain an important next step: the meeting with the archetypes. I tell about the Metaphor of the Coach: you ride in this coach (carriage) to your castle to meet your archetypes. From now on you are the King/Queen, Prince or Princess, whatever you have chosen. It works the same for clients and the next step (D.) will be a meditation.

D Meditation Metaphor of the Coach
This video is a guided meditation in which you imagine or visualize a meeting with one of your archetypes. Please relax and let the process unfold. If you connect with your subconscious this is a very special experience that brings you information and insights about your own inner world.

E Meet your own Archetypes
Next, you can use this meditation/visualization to meet your own archetypes. Invite them one by one, until you have met them all six. For now this is your inner dream-team. In the pdf you will find a lot of questions you can use when working with clients.

F Make a Pie Chart
After you have met all your own six archetypes, I ask you to make a Pie Chart of the influence that each archetype has in your Kingdom. Surely there will be one or two more dominant and maybe there is one of the six almost not present. In the Pie Chart you give them the space they take at this moment, dividing the whole Pie between these six.