Who are your Inner Dream Team? Getting to know your authentic self

Almost from the moment we are born, somebody else is involved in helping us become who we are. At first it’s mainly our parents teaching us about the world. Then as we get a few years older there are all the influences from school on our developing sense of self; from our teachers to our peers.

Life is busy, and since the advent of the Internet, we are more connected to each other than ever. So little wonder that we are finding it increasingly harder to really know who we truly, authentically are at our core – there is so much else influencing us!

Have you ever sat quietly on your own and asked yourself who you are?

Perhaps you tried, but then got frustrated and Google-searched something like: “How do I find out who I really am?”

It sounds like a joke, but it could be the reality for many of us. We are so reliant on tech these days that we do tend to Google-search or ‘Ask Alexa’ almost anything.

I’d urge you to put your devices down once in a while and get back into the habit of relying on yourself more. Your brain is the greatest super computer you could possibly own – and nobody knows you better than you know yourself – no, not even Alexa or Siri!

If you want to know yourself better and truly understand yourself in order to make better decisions and choose more fulfilling paths in your life, then I’d love for you to get to know your archetypes.

Archetypes are the mirror of the soul. By connecting and exploring your archetypes, you discover your (hidden) talents, your mission in life and most of all: your true self.

For you have, just like everyone else, a unique set of archetypes surrounding you. You could call them your own inner dream team, as they are your (hidden) companions on your journey. Archetypes are a format (or template) as well as a potential, rooted in the collective unconscious and connected with your soul.

They will support you and they can guide you in life.

How to get in touch with your Inner Dream Team

You might be thinking something along the lines of: “That all sounds great, but how do I meet a group of characters inside myself? If they are elements of my identity, then how do I have a conversation with them?”

This is a great question. The answer is surprisingly simple! You need to use your imagination, just like you often did when you were a child.

As adults, that imagination muscle memory is still there – it’s just a bit stiff from lack of use! Give it a try and be gentle with yourself; don’t expect the Technicolor daydreams of your childhood to come back to you at once, but do try to just let a little light into that part of your mind.

With practice it can come back, and then you can really enjoy listening to all the elements of your personality as they finally have their say.

As they have likely been suppressed for a long time while you were so busy making a career for yourself in your adult life – your archetypes might have quite a lot to say to you!

It will be a little different for everyone

The experience of letting your archetypes talk to you through your imagination will be a little different for everyone, and that’s okay. You might see these characters in your minds eye and hear them speak to you, or you might just feel a pull in a certain direction.

It could be something that feels more like intuition, guiding you to revive an old hobby or try something you’ve always wanted to explore. These are elements of your personality, hidden interests, passions and talents calling to you. So be open and explore!

If you would like some further guidance then I have a couple of things to offer you.

Firstly, download a free copy of my eBook guide ‘Create your own Inner Dream Team’ to get a better understanding of who your archetypes are.

Secondly, if you would like to work more deeply on this and really get to know yourself – and perhaps help your friends and family to do the same – then I have a beautiful archetype card deck that comes in a gift tin with a guidebook.

This is a lovely tool for doing some deeper work with yourself, and having a card for each of the 74 archetypes (yes, we each have 74 within us) gives you visual prompts that are really helpful in gauging where each archetype sits for you in terms of importance to you, your passions and your talents.

Wishing you a wonderful journey discovering your own inner dream team!

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