Blooming Mindset – 15 Attraction/Magnet

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BM 15 Attraction/Magnet

Welcome to the third and already last week of the 21 Days Blooming Mindset Online Program! In this week it will be all about ‘Manifestation’ and ‘Celebration’. Every day we will discuss a specific theme related to the concepts of ‘Manifestation’ and ‘Celebration’. And we will have questions and exercises as well.

On this 15th day we focus on the Theme ‘Attraction&Magnet’. You can be so full of positive energy that you become a magnet for things and events to come your way. Attraction&Magnet are part of Manifestation.

The next video is a meditation to reflect on two archetypes related to the theme of Attraction&Magnet: The Seducer and The Miracle Worker.