Archetype Quest – 7 Evaluation

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A Contents
Welcome to the 7th and last module of the Archetype Quest Training! You did your exercise and made a report. In this Module we evaluate and look back at the process. But we will also celebrate, as you will receive your certificate. In the second video we do a meditation about the archetypes that support you as a coach.

B Session and summaries
In the first video I tell you more about the preparation for the private session about your report.
In the next 4 videos I explain more about the clients you will be able to help, the cooperation of the archetypes and two summaries about the Nautilus and the Pyramid board.

C Statement
In this video I explain about the contract and the conditions of use of the game.

D Certification and evaluation
The four last videos are about certification, evaluation and some possibilities for follow up and other trainings.