About us

Ofkje Teekens is a Dutch Jungian psychologist, a transformational teacher, an author and an international speaker. After a successful career in education (for more than 25 years she had her own institute for children with learning disorders) she switched to coaching.

She created several games for personal growth and coaching (Young Talent, Life-Shift, Life-Blossom and Life-Web) and many card decks on actual themes like Burn Out, Self-Compassion, Archetypes&Talents and Blooming Mindset and co-created a card deck about Money Archetypes and a card deck Masquerade. Online she developed a training for Archetype Quest, a training for Life-Shift and co-developed an online program for a Blooming Mindset.

Ofkje wrote several books, the latest four on Life-Shifts. She developed and presented 24 shows on Awake TV Network (USA) and she created two Facebook Communities: the Blooming Women Society and Talentvolle Vrouwen.

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